Testing the APIs

Using Insomnia

We've made it easy to try out the APIs using a HTTP client. We recommend either Postman or Insomnia (covered here).

Download Insomnia and install it for your OS. It's available for Windows and Mac. The screenshots shown here are from the Mac version but the client works much the same on both.

Try it out - whoami

The whoami API gives basic information about the authorised user. You will use a GET request with this API. And you will need the bearer token you've been issued with.

Raw data via Insomnia

  1. Copy and paste your bearer token into the TOKEN field available on the Bearer tab in the main Insomnia window.
  2. The URL for this API is https://app.augmentedinsights.cloud/api/v1/whoami and make it a GET request using the dropdown menu to the left of the URL bar.
  3. When you click the Send button to the right of the URL bar, you'll see information about your account returned in the right pane of the Insomnia window.

The data returned from this API shows:

Code and name Processing time zone Permissions
Your client name and unique code The time zone for data processing - based on GMT What features your login credentials for this bearer token supports.

Raw data example

Here's how raw data can be added in batch and the successful response:

Raw data via Insomnia

Here's the JSON so you can try it out:

    "dst": "Electricity",
    "entity": "sekoia-01",
    "ds": "sekoia_01_elec_usage",
    "from": "2019-07-01T14:20:00+00:00",
    "to": "2019-07-01T15:20:00+00:00",
    "rows": [
            "ts": "2019-07-01T14:25:34.123+00:00",
            "value": 11
            "ts": "2019-07-01T14:30:34.123+00:00",
            "value": 12