API - Entity

Adding an entity.

Prerequisite Method URI Request Body
an entity id (less than 50 chars) as {entity}, for example: care-home-01. The process time zone, difference from the UTC (-12 to +14, all valid difference see this explanation, for example, 0, 3.5, -1, etc, optional, default is 0. POST /api/v1/entity See below

Request Body:

  "entity": "care-home-01",
  "processing_tz": 0

Response Sample:

201 Created
Content-Location https://app.augmentedinsights.cloud/api/v1/entity/care-home-01
    "message": "Entity added",
    "uri": "https://app.augmentedinsights.cloud/api/v1/entity/care-home-01"

{info} The code, for example “care-home-01”, of the data stream type will be return as part of the resource URI.